Dennis Waltman | Freshwater Bluegrass

Dennis Waltman

Resophonic Guitar & Vocals

After some childhood attempts at learning guitar along with his older brother, Dennis immersed himself in fingerstyle guitar and slide guitar studies during the late 1980s at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. With interests in many musical styles he has dabbled in playing mandolin, electric lap steel guitar, non-pedal steel guitar, electric guitar and resophonic guitar.

Following a solid twenty-five years of playing and caterwauling on the back porch of his home for the sheer fun that it brings, Dennis was asked to polish up his vintage Dobro guitar and add some steel-on-string tones to this group. Honored to be involved with the accomplished musicians of Freshwater, he has been concentrating on resophonic guitar playing and occasional lead vocals.

His former day job in the motorcycle industry allowed him to combine his passion for motorcycling with his livelihood. Dennis makes his home in the township of Norway, Wisconsin and is blessed with a wonderful wife who is incredibly tolerant of his many interests.